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What are your terms of service?

Please contact us for our Terms of Service. 

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I've downloaded the SportsterminalPoker.exe file but now I can't find it.

On a Windows-based system, click the Start menu, select Find, and then click Files or Folders. In the Named: box, type SportsterminalPoker.exe. It will take your computer a few moments to find the file. When it does, double-click the file and the installation process will begin.

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I would like to play under different names, can I have more than one account?

No. Each player is only allowed one account.

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I lost my password!

You are responsible for your password. Never reveal your account information to anyone. We will never ask you to send your password to us, and the only place you will need to use it is when logging in to the Sportsterminal.com Poker program. We recommend that you change your password regularly.

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What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand?

It occasionally occurs that due to reasons beyond our players' control, they are unable to act on their hand in time. At Sportsterminal.com Poker, if a player has invested play money in a hand and becomes disconnected, he or she will be placed "all-in". A player who is placed "all-in" is treated as though he or she does not have any chips left to carry out the hand. The player is still eligible for the portion of the pot to which the player would normally be entitled. All further betting takes place in a side pot, to be contested by the remaining active players.

A player is allotted 25 seconds to act in fixed limit games and 35 seconds to act in pot limit and no limit poker games. A warning message is displayed in the chat box when there are 15 seconds left to act. If there was a disconnect and a player returned before the timeout, he or she receives at least 10 seconds to act.

If a player failed to act within the allotted time while being connected, the hand is folded.

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How many chips do I get?

You get a minimum of 100 chips and a maximum of 1000 chips to play.

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The game I wish to join is full. What should I do?

If a game is full, you can put your name on the Waiting List for that game. When a seat in the game becomes available, the first person on the Waiting List will have the first right of refusal for that seat.

The other option you have is to take a seat at an empty table of that limit and game. Often, empty tables fill up quickly once a player takes a seat.

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How do I know how much play money is in the pot?

At any Sportsterminal Poker tables, the full amount of the pot, including all current bets, is always displayed numerically above the dealer's tray. Also, at the end of every betting round, all bets are collected in the middle of the table, and converted into higher denomination chips so you can easily see the pot's total value.

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Does the software allow me to muck the winning hand?

No, it doesn't. If you play your hand to the showdown and you hold the winning hand, it will be always automatically shown. This feature protects you from accidentally mucking a winner.

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What are your chat rules?

Certain forms and topics of chat are not allowed on Sportsterminal Poker. Players engaging in offensive chat will be subject to a chat warning or a revocation of their chat privileges. Chat that is not permitted on Sportsterminal.com Poker includes (but is not limited to):

Profanity:We do not permit profane, vulgar, racist or abusive/insulting chat in our chat windows. We do have a feature by which certain profane words are asterisked out; A filtered word is one that has been deemed unacceptable on our poker site. Players attempting to bypass the filter may also be subject to a warning or revocation.

Begging/Solicitation:We do not permit players to beg or panhandle for chips, whether play money or real money. No solicitation is permitted in any poker game at any time. There are facilities in place to prevent many instances of solicitation.

Play Money Chip Sales:Players are not permitted to engage in any discussion regarding the sale of Sportsterminal Poker play money chips within our chat facilities. Any such discussion, including the offer to buy or sell play money in Sportsterminal Poker chat, is grounds for warning or revocation.

Flooding:The sending of multiple and frequent messages to the chat window in order to drown out legitimate chat is forbidden.

Non-English chat:We are aware that our players are from around the world, and that for many of them English is not their first language. However, at this time our policy is that English is the only language allowed to be used in Sportsterminal chat.

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